How it all began – growing up with a family of flower farmers

Hello, I am Shelby, the wedding florist at Shelbee Blooms. Welcome to my website! Here are a couple of things about me.

Growing up, my grandfather was a Dutch tulip farmer. Having a large extended family helped him take care of it and some of my best memories as a child were playing there and seeing all of the flowers my family had!

Began helping friends and family with flower arrangements

I began planting my own flowers as a little girl and it has been growing ever since! I began with roses and eventually my love for flowers spread to dahlias. On a whim I got involved in being the wedding florist for a family member and I realized how much I enjoyed it. That is when I took some professional classes and decided being a wedding florist is something I would like to do forever.

The future of Shelbee Blooms – spreading the joy of flowers 🙂

Having a flower farm has been great for our family and myself. I have so many dahlia tubers I don’t know what to do with them all. I really enjoy bringing the joy of flowers to couple’s weddings and events. I can’t wait to help you as your wedding florist!