Shelbee Blooms Planting Guidelines

Here is a really simple guide to follow when planting your dahlias and should serve as a nice template as you build your knowledge of growing dahlias. There are lots of different opinions on the various ins-and-outs of how to grow dahlias, so I hope to avoid all of that and provide some basic instructions to get you started.

  1. Plant when the soil temperature is around 60 degrees
  2. Choose well draining soil
  3. Placement should be in full sun
  4. Plant 4″ deep by laying the tuber on its side and the sprout or eye facing up
  5. Space 12-24″ apart
  6. Do not water until shoots appear
  7. Stake the dahlia plant if necessary (large plants that fall over can break and cause disease)
  8. Watch out for slugs as they love dahlias

Depending on the area you live and the type of soil you have it can be difficult to grow dahlias because tubers are so prone to rot if planted in poor draining soil. Planting in the appropriate soil and waiting until the tuber is sprouting to water is essential to avoid that. If you are having trouble growing dahlias consider the soil you are planting them in and even the possibility of pests (wire worms) that can be consuming your tubers before they are able to grow. Don’t be afraid to give it another shot if you are having trouble!