Dahlia Tuber Shop – Frequently Asked Questions

We go to great lengths to ensure our plants are disease and pest free by using organic and natural methods. While we do not test for viruses we do regularly cull and remove plants that have signs of disease.

Yes, please see our terms and conditions. We go to great lengths to ensure our tubers are labeled correctly and have a good system in place to ensure we do not ship the wrong tuber. In the unlikely event we do we will gladly refund your purchase. In the event that the tuber failed to produce due to poor planting conditions we will not provide a refund. Our planting guidelines must be followed. Pictures must be provided in either case.

When purchasing your tuber you can either specify an April or May ship date.

Unfortunately, we only ship within the continental United States and do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally.

Orders are shipped through the USPS via First Class or Priority Mail.

Yes, you cancel your order up to two-weeks prior to your ship date, but order cancels are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

No, we cannot edit or combine orders from our online store. If you wish to make changes it is possible to cancel your order and attempt to replace it with another, but there is no guarantee that the item will be in stock online once you cancel.

Due to how the online shop functions and how inventory is managed it is possible the item you were ordering went out of stock while you were checking out. We cannot change your order or add the item as it is likely out of stock.

Unfortunately, we are only able to process orders through our online store.

Unfortunately, at this time we only sell our dahlia tubers retail.